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Birth of the Mini

1959 August 26, 2010, from the UK Longbridge factory production line leaving a wonderful shape car that is 47 years after 5,387,862 cars launch of the Mini. Mini transverse four cylinder engine, front-wheel drive. Wheel mounted in the four corners of the bodywork is only 10 inches, the rest of the things small luggage and passenger compartment, also smaller than Japan's K-Car make quite successful for four adults ride. This idea Wizards Sir Alec Issigonis, Mini Cooper, however, is John. Cooper (John Cooper) to his unique technology for the Mini cars coupled with the most advanced power system, and the transformation of the "Super Mini" (Cooper S).

Mini Cooper

The 1957 MINI's original designer, Aggreko according Si Geni Sir (Alec Issigonis) had set a compelling vision: to design an economy, everyone can afford, and the car capable of carrying four people.

The 1958 Mini prototype car was born, and one year after mass production.

The 1959 Mini officially released! At that time, priced at 500 marks. (Equivalent to about U.S. $ 75) and the media coverage, the more of an uproar in the masses, after all, has never had one, such as Mini car!

Alec Issigonis was born in 1906 in Turkey, and his father is British Greek descent, while the mother is the Bavarians, after studying in London in 1928, Alec his first auto industry work to 1950, he has become the chief engineer of the Morris Motor, 1955 Austin and Morris merger, he joined the ranks of the BMC, in 1957, Alec set the Mini's design work, and then released after two years of the Mini, Mini launch real of Alec "practicality first" philosophy, is also very loved by people from all walks fast, because of his contribution to society and industry, Alec, in 1969, a glimpse of the Jazz, he always considered himself a name hardware suppliers, rather than the designer; Mini is his last one. work, his first piece, a Morris Minor, Alec forward-looking front wheel driven engine design until today is still the mainstream of the automotive design.

The 1960 first Mini landing the United States, the global total of 63,000 Mini car sold.

The 1961 Mini fame! The global fad for "Mini Tornado! In the meantime, Mini Cooper997 come out.

1962 Austin the Mini Cooper

1963 MINI Alpine Rally events to win the championship. The winner of the Cooper S models, but also makes the Mini is positioned as the performance-oriented models.

1964 Nian Mini won the Monte Carlo champion. 1965, (1966) and the 1967 tournament, the Mini is still Chanlian championship. (Note) 1996 specifications does not match, the disqualified!

1965 Mini year! inspiration from Mini, a fashion designer in London designed bodacious ~ miniskirt. Meanwhile, Mini repeated successes are also many events.

1966,67 Morris Mini Cooper S


The 1967 MINI Moke (jeep-style) to become the Official Car of the television series "The Prisoner". The third time to win the Monte Carlo champion.

The 1968 Morris Mini SMK II

The 1995 Mini was the Autocar voted for Europe "century car. Mini's transverse engine, attractive appearance and impressive handling, completely changed the the established car driving impression.

1996 Nian whether general automotive magazines, or racing magazine, are recognized as the Mini is suitable for all occasions, hand-selected vehicles.

1997 New Mini concept car in hair Frankfurt Motor Show in first appearance triggered a heated discussion.

The 1998 Mini beat Jaguar, Bentley, Aston, Martin and Triumph vehicles to become a Guinness world record in the history of the most successful British car.

1999 to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the Mini listed 25 Mini fans in New York at the same time squeezed into a Mini car, succeeded in breaking the world record; At the same time, 130 International Automobile magazine jointly voted the Mini Europe "the century of the car.

2000 2000 September, the new Mini officially unveiled in Montero Motor Show, the old Mini also declared obsolete, up to that time, a total of production of 5,387,862 Mini car.

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